Computer Crashes and Restoring

I didn’t realize just how much work it can be to restore a computer after it crashes completely and the main program is infected with a virus. I has taken me weeks to get to the point that I can sort through the saved backups. Which I am just glad that I backed up my whole computer a week before the crash just had that feeling and followed it in that Just in Case way I have after I think the Goddess has warned me about something. She doesn’t talk to often and sometimes I think that she is teaching me by not saying anything but I try to listen and on this occasion I did and am glad for it.

But the work  just to restore all my Pictures, Documents, Music, ebooks, etc. is tiring.  I am sorting through 4 different back ups  from different years getting rid of things that are duplicates, Organizing better so that I can find stuff faster and basically going why did I put this off for so long. I am still sorting but at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it wont seem so tedious when it is finally done.

I don’t know what virus got downloaded just that for some reason my antivirus software wasn’t working. The next thing I know is my hard drive is filling up fast. So I shut it down and started the restore feature of my Notebook of course had to look it up on the internet to know what to do. I restarted to factor set up. Downloaded Norton Antivirus Scanned to make sure no lingering effects from the virus and started to download all windows up dates on Windows 8. It took 4 days to get from 8  to 8.1 and another 3 days to get to Windows 10 Thought this would be a nice upgrade for myself so far it is okay had to update a lot of drivers to get everything working properly took another 2 days. Then started to put back all m programs, which some worked  and several that Windows and others want you to upgrade did not so sat around looking for cheaper alternatives to Windows Excel and word, Adobe and such I can’t afford to buy or rent programs while I am still trying to payoff my bills. So I find the alternatives and download them along with updated versions of other programs I use that didn’t cost me a thing to upgrade. Lastly, but the most harrowing of tasks was restoring my backups and  I try to back up every few months plus a few things I put aside on the drive.

To make a long story shorter. The drive was almost full so it was time to condense and get rid of duplicated stuff. I bet many of you don’t realize how unorganized your file system is I sure didn’t until I put everything back on the computer I must have found 5 different files of the same thing where over the years I placed it in different areas on the disk then I would find things I thought I had lost forever and had to put them in a new area So I set up a sorted and to sort folder put all my working folders on desktop and started to go through them. Suffice it to say I am still working on it. Although the light is weak it gives me hope that I will eventually finish the job. So wish me luck. And baring any other catastrophies. I should be up and writing again.