Liar, Liar

Remember that movie with Jim Carey where his kid wishes that his dad couldn’t lie for a day. I feel like that child wishing that our president couldn’t lie.

How can I stand a liar? Well I can’t.  So how in the world can United States of America take the bull spilling out of the presidents mouth. I certainly don’t the majority of the stuff he says is outright lies. I mean 70% of what jumps out of Trumps mouth is a lie according to Politifact. Only 4% of anything that came out of his mouth actually was the truth. Of course I am not saying take their word for it find out for yourself research it.

So how do you go about researching the facts so that lies and fake news doesn’t affect you. NPR Said it the best so follow the link. Even I am bad at fact checking but I do know several things one if it is from a political source there will almost always be a public record that can be referenced. I say almost because things said behind closed doors in private don’t get recorded. Not only do we need to fact check we need to make sure we teach our children to fact check.

What does that say about our nation that we have a blatant liar for a president? Also that people believe him because he said it instead of fact checking what he said. Then he turns around and uses those same people to justify his lies. I certainly can’t stand it people you and I need to fact check become our own news outlets figure out whom really is telling the truth without bias.

We need to figure out what is the deal with the president we now have? Is he an authoritarian, a dictator, a communist, an actual person whom really does do democracy or is he just playing a president so that we look the other way. So far though his lie and threats doesn’t mesh well with a democracy. I already want him out of office.

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