Lammas, Lughnasadh, Aug 1st

July 31st, August 1st, or 2nd is almost here. Time for the grain harvest celebration to honor the soul of the Harvest the reaping of the grain. This is the time when the vegetables are plump  and ripe ; the garden is overflowing, the grain is ready to be reaped, threshed, milled, and baked into bread(very much like the Christians sacrament of the communion). This is one my eight Sabbath days the first of the Harvest festivals; the other two being the Autumn equinox (Mabon) and Samhain(Halloween).

The celebration of the 1st sheaf of wheat that dies to give us life. Of course I don’t believe in any one Goddess or God by name because in a way I think they all should be worshiped the same. Also, there are just so many from the different cultures all over the world and such a diversity of knowledge that I think if you want to look into the Goddess and Gods names that an average person can do the research for themselves if interested.

The way I celebrate is to bake 3 loaves of bread one for my family, one for the animals (dogs, goats etc.), and one for nature in respect for the Goddess and God. I start on July 31st  because at Sunset on Aug 1st is when the celebration begins.   Other ways to honor the Goddess and God are by making corn dollies, or by having a bonfire (which I can’t do this year burn ban in effect in Oklahoma because of the drought), Feasting, and other Festivals activities.  I also do a lot of canning or preserving this month because this is when the majority of all the vegetables are ready to be harvested.

This prosperity of harvest is celebrated and shared. This is when we can say thanks to the Goddess and God for everything that they have given to us. The Great Mother and Father provides, but they also take away. We must always remember that our time here is short that life begins, but is also ends. We are Blessed to be here. Harvest time is a time to reflect on the face of the mother that gave us birth and how she is turning to her golden years not quite passed the bearing of children.

Here are some other places to go to for information: I like this because she does classes for those that like to have tid bits here and there. She also has a lot of celebration info. How christian faith is related Interesting Myths




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