Has been awhile

Sorry to have left for such a very long while life though tends to get in the way. I am back so watch for more posts

Happy Imbolic!!

Hope everyone had a happy day..


Garden Update

My Garden looks horrible. The weeds have taken over, the striped beetles have eaten the tomato(more than the horn Caterpillars which I can kill easily), and pepper plants.

I will have to take cuttings from the tomatoes, lavender, and any other plant I want more of. The drought is just kicking my gardens butt.

I have a plan though to get it all under control. Starting today one step at a time.

Sorry I have been away

I have been going through a rough patch. I feel like myself again. What does that mean? Well, It means that I have something chemical imbalance or other wise that was bringing me down. I was going through a sort of depression for no reason other than I could not get myself motivated to get out of the bed. Of course now, I am more of my out going self and taking medication to help. I know that I missed several posts that I wanted to put in months ago about summer solstice and gardening, but I will have to make up for that. At the time I just couldn’t get myself to do anything but now I am back and will start putting out my posts again.

Well easy come easy go :(

My greenhouse is gone the wind picked it up and basically blew it down. I cried all my little seedling. Then on top of everything I have to worry about the wild fires that are spreading out here because of that wind. So everyone Pray to whom ever you pray to that everyone’s houses around here will stay safe it is the one thing I really worry about since all I have is my the travel trailer, the barn I built and the two storage sheds that I bought to hold a house worth of stuff. I bought them over the course of several years I guess I have more then other people and less then others. But all I really care about is that my family has a place to stay. My father already has a full house he doesn’t need us in his house also. Although if the wind keeps going the way it is my house may blow away too. :(””’

Book of Shadow– I am making one.

Okay So I have decided to make a book of Shadows or a journal finally after all these years. I have this overwhelming feeling to document the things that my children should now about me. Over the last four weeks I have been making some templates, Drawing and Ideas. I have made up my mind to put it all on computer so that I can print off many different copies and give it to family whom I deem will not throw it away or so that I can give them the information I think they will appreciate. Not all my family is Pagan some are Christian and some don’t believe in God at all. I hope though that my Children will keep my Full Journal and Hope that one day I will actually Have it placed in book form with all embarrassing detail.

Starting out the new Year with new stuff

Okay so I am getting rid of everything from last year and moving on to new pages and posts. I hope you enjoy.
The Green Wiccan