Naysayers and Body Shaming

So the other day I was at the Gym. Mind you my body is older It doesn’t look twenty anymore. Not to mention that life shows up on it now. I mean depression, sitting all day reading, scars from pregnancy really makes a woman not look that fit anymore.

So I was exercising two gorgeously fit women are also exercising. I keep doing my workout it was hot inside the air conditioner must have been out. The other women where wearing there sports bras so everyone could see because of the heat. I am not ashamed with my body I know what I look like and I know I could look better. Anyway one looked over at me after I took my shirt off so that I also was only in my sports bra. I look like the heat was getting to me, which it was. I observe people while I work out because well I do yoga and it is do the pose wait 15 to a minute 30 seconds move on to the next pose. One of the women looked me over (top to bottom) and started laughing. Not full blown outright fit but giggles none the less. So I gave her my biggest smile. You know reverse Sociology works. Her Eye brows raised, the laugh was wiped off her face. She was giving me this bewildered look. I just kept on doing my stretches and yoga poses as if nothing bothered me. But it really did hurt.

I was trying to get into shape. Really putting some effort into it. I had been doing it for several months. After that I lost all my gumption to want to go again also losing all my progress. I know what everyone is thinking I shouldn’t allow other people to put awful thoughts into my head. Yet, I don’t have a really good support group or good friends to help me dispel all the negativity with.  What other people think sinks in and ruins some of the good feeling  I had build up about working out and doing something good for my body. So I am going to try again. The next time I see them and if they laugh again. I will say a least I am here and not sitting around on my couch.

Wish I knew how to make friends. My husbands supportive but can’t go to the gym with me to many injuries with his back. I would like to have someone that would exercise with me.



Live your day as if it is your last.

Tomorrow may never come.

Live you life Happily and with love.

For Happiness and love is all you have and it is yours to give.

For if you live your life as if it is nothing

Then you become nothing.

Help those around you.

Don’t loan Money if you know it will never be paid back

give it instead.

If you see someone in need Do something.

For Today May Be your very last day to help a person.

Treat people like you want to be treated.

For if you treat those around you with Happiness and Love they will treat you and others the same.

Complaining about something doesn’t fix the problem take action.

Open your Mind, Everyone has a story.

We are all genetically the same species the outside does not show what is on the inside be happy we are all different.

If we where all the same life would be truly boring.


This is me My name is Elizabeth. Can’t remember when this picture was taken but it’s not more than a five years old.

The Truth is Out There. Somewhere?

Okay so I have been really trying to put my thoughts out there.  I guess I have to say where I stand first.

So I believe with my whole of me that everyone is created equal. Regardless of Skin color or other characteristics. There are always exceptions to that rule they usually regard the persons actions after the fact an example murderers, and rapists. I do believe people can change but since trust is already lost in before examples those people must earn their rights back and some can’t because they are repeat offenders. Also Mental illness is a factor I believe can cause people to not be equal but watched, most people with certain mental illnesses can cause a ton of harm either to themselves or others, especially if they can’t figure out what is real and what isn’t or they have compulsions that cause harm.   I also believe that this small section of our population is under diagnosed and not being treated and there isn’t places to put people that need treatment.

On that note, I have really tried my best to find the truth of a story even if it is one I would like to believe. I like the saying that never judge people unless you have been in their shoes even then you shouldn’t judge because their circumstances may be different. It upsets me to no end when people can’t or are not willing to find out the truth. Take Facebook for example I see so many fake stories that it isn’t funny and probably ruins a lot of lives.

So I look for sites that hopefully try to find out the truth behind the story, Because of how many Fake News sites are out there.  Of course I will give you the site I use, but fair warning I am not completely sure they all tell the unbiased truth.




Truth or Fiction