Exercise and my fat body

Well I am in the process of making a Journal. A Book really all it took was me figuring out how the signatures where printed off from my Microsoft Word. So I guess I should explain. Materials scissors         Wax             ruler                 awl                needle          waxed thread       polyester embroidery thread   cardboard cotton/ linen fabric(for the mull) cheap ribbon         bonefolder      pen      your book pages printed        heavy paper for end and begining of book So step one was to right up what I wanted. So here is my EXERCISE BOOK. SHH!! Don’t tell anyone…

Step two was to print it out. So I had to figure out how to do that. For Microsoft Word it required me to go in to page Setup and change Multiple pages to Book Fold. Then change the sheets per booklet(signature)(this took a little though because I wasn’t thinking pages I was thinking signature. So lets say I want 4 pages folded in half for a signature. That is 16 pages. If you want 1 page in your signature that is 4 pages. ) Make sure that it looks like this so that it come out correctly you can change and make larger or smaller signatures than I did just remember 4 pages to everyone page of the signature (down below is 4 page signature).

 Margins are changed so be sure they are changed.micro word book settings

Then I had to figure out whether or not my printer duplexes (printed both sides) or not. If it didn’t I would have had to do this manually which can be a pain in the butt but thankfully I have an HP photosmart C309g-m and it did it automatically.  So I printed out the whole book.

Step 3 Required me to fold all the signatures I did this as it was printing so that I wouldn’t get lost in my pages.

Step 4 I put all the signatures together with a couple of pieces of cardboard and held them together on the top and bottom with large binder clips then I measured 5 lines equal distance apart and then with the three middle lines I made a couple of lines about a 1/4 inch from the original line in a different color.

Step 5 Unclipping the pages I punched holes in the 2 end dots and then the 6 different colored dots don’t punch holes in the three original color dots in the middle.

Step 6 Then I started sewing the signatures together he is the site I found that helped me figure this out.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gc9wnUCfIk&feature=related  THis is where I learned how to do the kettle stitch on the book

Step 7 Is glueing the spine and mull into place

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtdhVncAPZw&list=UUVrw-tSHwbBADzIncCILN1A    —-Making headbands

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