The power to say I will.

It is Storming outside, I thought this would be a really good time to write about the power of saying I WILL.  So as you know I have been having problems with my life and with in the last couple of years I have been trying my hardest to change my life around. I am all about science and the power behind the mind I still believe in a goddess but that is for another time. I started reading Thinner, Leaner, Stronger and I have to say the science is very sound I did a lot of my own research and came to almost the same conclusions as the author. When it came to the Willpower Chapter I was intrigued. I have done a lot of research on how to get myself motivated to do things and he had some pretty good ideas I won’t give you his ideas because that wouldn’t be fair to him you can go get his book or go to his website.

Anyway what I have found myself is to take baby steps. Yep start with something easy. For me it was my Financial plan. I took all the bills from my husband. Told him he couldn’t use the Credit cards at all. Made  a general budget. Then started to go through and see how I could do a snow ball on the credit card bills. It has taken some time but I am gradually making progress. Although there are times I want to slap my husband silly he can’t seem to keep his hands off the credit cards and this is what makes me really depressed, But I found a solution if he can’t pay his own credit cards I am not paying them he pays them himself or not at all. I can’t live being bankrupt again.

So Now I am moving on with my life. I am setting goals. Yes that is a major thing in Willpower. Goal setting is something everyone should do. You have to have purpose to your life. You can’t live for others. In fact, I tried that and well my expectation were just too high and it fell through. I can reliably say that you must live your own life. Don’t rely to much on other people they either will let you down or will not get the job done because they feel they don’t need to do it and in the end you feel like a failure. So Goals are needed for you live your life the way you want to.

My goals are general then broken down to more manageable smaller goals. Such as

Grow a large garden. This is a general goal.

My smaller goals are to 1. kill off weeds although this feels like a huge task.  I just need to get enough cardboard and mulch to do this. 2. Put up fence. 3. Mark out beds. 4. place a concrete walk space. 5. Put up greenhouse.

So as you can see this is one of my goals and it is going to take a little while to get it done.

Other goals I have are to Become Healthier, To get a house, To visit new places, To make friends (this to me I really hard), To have new experiences, To get my husband to exercise(still working out the kinks on that one I don’t want to be a nag.)

So the power to say I will do this Is to basically get up and do it. Yes I do try to make excuses but as you can see I am writing my blog again and I promised my self that one of my goals was to write.