The Eclipse

I don’t know how many of you went out on Monday to view the Solar Eclipse.  When the moon casts the shadow and covers the sun is beyond words. I have never seen a 100% coverage eclipse until yesterday.Eclipse 821201 This is picture I took with my Phone not really good quality but we forgot our camera which was really disappointing but hey its not like others weren’t taking pictures of the event.

Eclipse diamond 821201.jpg This was taken by NASA.

top-10-pictures-of-the-Eclipse-over-Nashville.jpgDon’t know who took this but its over Nashville. Love time lapse photos.

Not to mention a MEGA MOVIE.

So I don’t take many trips I am hoping to remedy that really soon. We left our house around 3am on the 21st to get to St. Claire, Missouri. This was a place that NASA said the line of the total eclipse would happen. The trip was uneventful I mean your stuck in a car for what seems like forever we stopped for breakfast and gas. We got to St. Claire I have to say there where signs everywhere for parking and how much it cost wow was all I could say many places charged upward of 30 dollars to park to see the eclipse. So knowing we saw a rest area not far from the town we went back to it we where really early all the car parking was already gone so we found a spot in a trucker area that someone in a car parked in and parked behind them at an angle we could also get out of because eventually someone parked behind us. Any way we waited I was Tailoring a dress I bought that didn’t fit in the bust area correctly. When the beginning of the eclipse was to start my daughter and I got out put on our NASA approved classes and saw the moon touch the sun which of course was amazing to see. We watched until after the moon started away from the total. So If you haven’t seen the eclipse the next one April 8th, 2024 in the Americas.




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