Solar Eclipse 2017-eyes are worth saving use Protection

So I have been planning on going north for the Eclipse but I started to think how in the world am I going to see it while its happening until total Darkness or totality as it is called. So I looked it up because I am not going to risk my eyes to blindness I need them for my job looking in microscopes.

Can find a place to buy things here.

Can learn an inexpensive way to see it by making it.

I actually bought glasses for the whole family but I am also thinking I may make a pinhole tube projector big enough for both eyes think it would be pretty interesting.


The Truth is Out There. Somewhere?

Okay so I have been really trying to put my thoughts out there.  I guess I have to say where I stand first.

So I believe with my whole of me that everyone is created equal. Regardless of Skin color or other characteristics. There are always exceptions to that rule they usually regard the persons actions after the fact an example murderers, and rapists. I do believe people can change but since trust is already lost in before examples those people must earn their rights back and some can’t because they are repeat offenders. Also Mental illness is a factor I believe can cause people to not be equal but watched, most people with certain mental illnesses can cause a ton of harm either to themselves or others, especially if they can’t figure out what is real and what isn’t or they have compulsions that cause harm.   I also believe that this small section of our population is under diagnosed and not being treated and there isn’t places to put people that need treatment.

On that note, I have really tried my best to find the truth of a story even if it is one I would like to believe. I like the saying that never judge people unless you have been in their shoes even then you shouldn’t judge because their circumstances may be different. It upsets me to no end when people can’t or are not willing to find out the truth. Take Facebook for example I see so many fake stories that it isn’t funny and probably ruins a lot of lives.

So I look for sites that hopefully try to find out the truth behind the story, Because of how many Fake News sites are out there.  Of course I will give you the site I use, but fair warning I am not completely sure they all tell the unbiased truth.




Truth or Fiction