Weight Loss

So I have been trying for years to lose Weight. The motivation to keep at it though is just not there. When you live with people that don’t want to change what they eat the temptation is to great to want to eat those high calorie foods.

This year though I think I am going to try and blog about it hopefully once a week maybe more if I get a particular craving or want to eat emotionally.

I am going to try to work on

1. meal planning

2. Yoga(this is really hard just don’t have the room inside and don’t have a covered heated or cooled outside area.

3. getting my butt moving more going outside and hike around (I used to love to do these things before I got married then Life Happened)

4. Sticking to that meal plan and the 1200 calories I am going to eat trying meat, veg and fruits cutting back on grain foods and some dairy foods still going to eat sourcream, yogurt, butter, and cheese but more moderately.

I thought about going Paleo but I know I can’t stick to that I love bread and dairy to much. Not to mention that the food is down right expensive unless you can buy it discounted or get it free.

I am the consummate researcher.  So this morning I made a spreadsheet for meal planning and exercise still tweaking it, but when I am finished I will put it on here. Perhaps I will also put the meals I eat on here to since although I will have a meal plan I am not one to plan very well and stick to it. I did buy a subscription to a Daily Yoga program on google play store for my tablet this is the cheaper alternative to the gym or walking on a dirt road and so far really like it. I do know I will have to do the same program over and over to build strength and flexablity but eventually I will be able to do harder and harder sequences.

So If you all have your own struggles in this area I would love to hear it.

Bless be!



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