Happy Valentines!!!

So many people I work with do not acknowledge the day of love. Why? I wonder.  It is a day to celebrate the people we love, the pets we love, and the things we love. I know it have become very commercialized with all the red and pink hearts, Teddy bears and such. But is still a day in which love can be said to be in the air. It is sill a day that people can do things for there loved one and enjoy they day with them.

If you truly love the people you want to get gifts for make sure you know what they really want. Don’t get the generic flowers and card with chocolates not everyone likes these things. Perhaps make breakfast or make their favorite item for dinner. Get them something they can truely appreciate and use. I always tell my husband that it useless to get cut flowers that I can only enjoy for a week before they wilt and lose that fresh look. I would rather have a living plant such as a rose or flower to plant in my garden and enjoy it all year long and everytime I look at that rose or flower I think of him and how much I love him. Just remember this a day to celebrate love for those you love.

The origin of Valentines day has many supposed reasons. But it is said to be a christian Saint Valentine’s Day turned into a day of love. Many believe it was to put on the 14th of February to replace the pagan Roman fertility Festival of Lupercalia  celebrated February 15th.

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