Rosebuds Journey– A Story told from a cats point of view.

It was a warm day for December. I was lying in my cage along one side of the wall. Looking around at nothing in particular but feeling miserable. Then I heard humans in the area where they kept the dogs. Come in here I said to myself I need your help. And to my surprise they came in through the door. I perked up a bit feeling as bad as I was. I didn’t want to move around much.
“Aw honey look at all the cats. I really want a cat.” said the Woman. She was short compared to my keeper and The man with light brown hair, medium beige skin, green eyes that hid behind glasses and plump wearing jeans and a green shirt and grey sweater.
“Make sure that it is short haired and not a kitten Elizabeth.”said the man. He looked over at her lovingly his light blue eyes calm. The man started to look around as he did I noticed that he was taller than my keeper with a golden brown hair and hair all over his body not like mine but still a lot for a human.

“Which one is the calmest one?”asked Elizabeth looking back at my keeper.

“Well!” Said my keeper. “This one is.” Getting me out of my cage and handing me to Elizabeth.

“Ah yes so calm aren’t you.” She noticed.

I purred as she stroked my head it was rather soothing. She looked around all the while holding me.

“Steven look at this little one. Isn’t he adorable” Elizabeth pointed to a little black kitten. I needed to get her attention so I reached out with my paw to grab the cage with the kitten and then I sniffed. Oh what is that they are giving the kitten to eat it smells good. So I reached out with my other paw.
“oh no you don’t.” Elizabeth said pulling back from the cage.” That food is not for you.”
The keeper took me back and put me in a cage.
“I think we will take that little calico.” Elizabeth stated. “What do you think?” She looked over at Steven.
“Yes she might fit in. Is she good with children.” asked Steven.
“Yes she is always the one we take out when they come in.” Always calm and allows them all to pet her. ” If she doesn’t get adopted in a few days there was a little place that houses cats that was going to take her and see if they can find a family to adopt her.”

“When can we get her fixed.” Elizabeth asked.

As they where walking out the door I wondered if that was what was going to make me feel better. I couldn’t hear anything else, but no more that a few naps later the keeper was coming in and giving me shots. ‘
“MEOW!” I said. That hurt. But I was hoping that was going to make me feel better. She then proceeded to put me in a crate. I was going some where. I came out of the room I had been living in for many weeks.

“Meow!!” Where are we going. I laid down and swayed with the crate. “Meom” Please tell me where we are going.

“Oh there is the pretty girl.” Elizabeth said,” Your coming home with us.”

I am perhaps they will make me feel better. We got to the place they called home it wasn’t big but I was able to find hiding places fairly easily so I could watch them. The smells where so different. I hid until someone found me.

“Okay kitty time to meet the rest of the family.” The younger man said.

“Miles you found her.” Elizabeth stated.

“Yep hiding in in the book case in my room.” he said.

“Salena meet our new kitty.” Elizabeth Said bring me closer to this kitten.
The kitten came closer and petted me between the ears.
“Whats her name?” Salena Asked.
“She doesn’t have a name yet.”Answered Elizabeth.
“I want everyone to think of a name.”
All the while I was being petted. It felt nice. But I was still a little scared. As soon as they let me go I went back to my hide out in the book case. I went out when the house became quiet the smells where new but I liked this family.

I was there three days still feeling horrible but a little better to have people looking after me, petting me, feeding me the food I like and named me a pretty name. But today they took me and put me back in the crate to go somewhere. All the while I wondered where. When we got there I smelled other animals like the place I living. Oh no there giving me up. I thought we had such a good thing going.Wait what are these new people doing. “Okay Rosebud time to sleep for a little while your getting spayed today.” She stuck me with a needle and then I started feeling tired.

Later that day I woke up groggy and feeling lousy but not horrible. I decided I was going to go right back to sleep and sleep it all off.

The next day Elizabeth came and got me.
“Your sure she is going to be okay.” She asked.
“Yes.” Assured another woman. “Just make sure she takes her pills until they are all gone.” What pills are they talking about all I know is that I still feel tired but at least I feel better. The pain is manageable now.
“Okay.” And we left. “Your going to feel better now Rosebud.”
It took several days of laying around, but I did feel much better. Some much so that when I saw the feathers and string swinging around on this stick I attacked it and went after it I caught it many times but it always seemed to get away. “There you go my little rosebud.” She put the stick somewhere I could entice me and I couldn’t resist it I attacked it until I collapsed on my side on my blanket.


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