Pictures of my garden today!!!

My garden doesn’t look like anything right now but I thought I would give you a before everything grows look. Even though there are something s growing in my garden. 

and yes I have to repair my porch. The fact that I live in a 40 foot travel trailer is a bit of embarrassing, but it can’t be helped we are house poor. We can’t afford to rent or buy  so we live on my dads land. He says he is going to give me 5 acres. All I can I say is that we have a good family poor but good family.  The bottom of my greenhouse is full of stuff, I am a bit of a clutter bug, but it also has a purpose which is to keep it from blowing away in Oklahomas massive thunderstorms. As you can see in many places there are already areas duct taped. I hate the cover on this thing the next cover I am going to put together using some greenhouse plastic its much sturder then this stuff I mean after the first wind storm we had there where holes in the roof. I have half a mind to take it back but the other half is telling me no no no no no where are you going to find such a deal only $100 dollars for the thing. So I throw up my hands like I said I am poor so for right now this will do.

Look at my herb pots I planted. Soon hopefully I will have some herbs popping up.

Here is bamboo (I THINK) that my husband got for me I am not really sure what it is it didn’t have a

tag and well it was my valentines gift which came in a little ceramic jar with stones so I planted it. I hope it pulls through the planting.

As you can see in this picture the lettuce didn’t stay in the bed it is growing along the outside of the bed and what is funny is that is from seed done last year. At least here soon I will be able to pull it up for salads.

My garden in the middle of nowhere.  I need to clean up just looking at this picture reminds me I still have a lot of work to do.

Here is my compost pile I know right now it probably looks a bit strange, but I have to pull it all out so that I can get to the good stuff underneath to put into the beds with the newspaper, grass and leaves I put in them also then I place more leaves on top( this is to control weeds that are in the compost out here it is hard to keep the weed seeds from blowing into the compost bin not to mention the crab grass I have to put more newspaper down when I am done to control it all as much as possible.  All the big stems and stuff are going to be pulverized in a chipper and then placed back in to the compost.

Here is the side with all my lovelies that are coming up.  My daffodils and tiger lilies.  But you also see a bale of hay that needs to be burned it has a ton of string throughout the whole thing and isn’t good for anything but burning to get rid of the string horrible but true.  I also stash all my leaves behind the compost heap that I got from some guy that cleaned his yard up after his pecan tree lost all its leaves. Yay for me All that black gold waiting for the worms to eat it.


Update– Greenhouse and garden

I moved all my pots to the greenhouse. Went out and looked around for a good seed mix to start seeds in and could not find that coco stuff which is sad but oh well and used Peat instead. I know it isn’t very green of me, but I have a hard time with dampening off and I am not sticking compost into my oven it makes my whole house smell bad not to mention that I have to use a lot of compost and usually can’t cook enough for my needs so peat it is. I usually use peat and composted cow manure mix to plant seeds in. usually about 1/3 of a big cube of peat (this will last me 3 years about sometimes less if I am planting a lot of flowers also.)  I went out and got some reusable flats, and planted broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, herbs various kinds but this is my little pots of herbs for the kitchen, several varieties tomatoes, bell peppers and jalapeno. Most of these will take a week to 10 days to germinate.

Next week I am going out to the garden to plant carrots, lettuce (which I found many growing from seeds sown last year), kale, collards, swiss chard, radishes, spinach and peas( I am a little late planting these but hope they will produce before it gets to warm).  I am also going to start some flowers to companion plant with the vegetables.

I also need to finish a few more beds.  Putting down news paper to suppress the weeds and then leaves, manure, grass and then compost on top of that and then more leaves. The worms love my beds and the soil becomes so conditioned and perfect to grow things in. When I start to plant the vegetable this year I will remove the leaves put them aside plant the plants and put it back, or if direct seeding place to the side and then wait till they are growing and replace so that the water is retained I find this works really well. I always have to go around and find leaves for this project though and it is good to do so all year round.

A New Day

You ever have one of those days you feel relaxed and comforted like everything is okay in the world. Today is one of those days. I just wish I could spend it awake, but I have to work therefore I have to sleep(I work nights).  I will just laz around for a short while get my son off and rolling with his school work (he is homeschooled). Watch the Cat be funny sprinting around like ohh got to get that or what is that and grab for it like you see in the commercials for Puss in Boots. This is the kind of cat that thinks WHATS THAT or THAT or THat or THAt and continuously goes up down up down up down on the bed, through the kitchen through the kids room and back again meowing saying come on you have to follow me.  But over all a relaxing day after work.

Women in Politics

Okay, So I am on a role about Women today, but I guess you can say I feel vulnerable today like my rights being a Woman are being trumped my the zealots of Religion  and Men at that. I WILL NOT Bow Down. Where are our Representatives? There are few women in Congress.  In fact I believe the house is made up of 17% women and the Senate is made up of yes only 17% women where is our representation? Men don’t run this country like they should in fact several Women in both houses are being disrespected by their male peers. Many of the issues brought up by these women are really important yet the issues are thrown to the back burner and then forgot by the majority of congress as unimportant.  I mean really the country is made up of at least 55% women that  means there are more women then men in this country. I know there are a lot of women and men for that matter whom wouldn’t do well because they stick their proverbial foot in their mouth but there has to be professionals out there that can speak and be heard by more people.

I would run, but I just don’t have the means to do so and I could be the one to stick my proverbial foot in my mouth. You have to walk on egg shells when running for a political office and well my family isn’t perfect. I am not a christian, I had many boyfriends before I got married and I am sure they would tell everyone that I am a jealous, angry woman  even though they haven’t seen me for 15 years. I am an introvert I care for others feelings but at the same time don’t really care for other feelings when I feel strongly about something. I am for abortion which would kill me  in the polls, I am for women’s rights,  the right to worship anyway a person chooses as long as it is not harmful to others, I believe in taxes its what keeps our roads and infrastructure going, I believe in Welfare as long as they either  go to school, get on birth control, and try to better themselves (I was on welfare for a short time before I got a good job and went to school), I am for regulation of major economic firms that can make the economy collapse, I think the wealthy should pay higher taxes trickle down economics doesn’t work and they put us in this mess to begin with, I believe that the Judicial branch is just as important as the congress (they need balance), I believe that congress should not make more then the averaged person so no more than 40,000- 50,000 dollars a year +  they should pay a portion of their health care like everyone else no freebies(the average person doesn’t get freebies we pay for everything including welfare, social security, Medicare and their salaries and healthcare), I believe that if you fight for this country that you should be able to get the most freedoms at least while you serve ( the freedom to be free of violence from your fellow country men and women (sexual assault is pretty prevalent in the Military for both sexes but especially for women) They should be able to get free healthcare),  I do believe we need to recycle more and treat the planet better because so far we aren’t leaving  here and our children, and their children have to live with the consequences when we pass, I believe we need to produce more of our own goods instead of buying it from china and other countries, if we buy from ourselves we support our economy, I think people should have the right to buy food from any safe source be it raw milk, or an animal butchered from someone else. The list can go on and on.

I am by no means a feminist. I am married to a loving caring man and we have two beautiful children.  I still think my rights as a person and women trump any religious organisation or morals a business has as to whether or not I get the health care I deserve and pay for, I believe women deserve a vote  because we make up 55% of the populous. WE NEED TO SPEAK OUT AND VOICE OUR CONCERNS.

Politics— Women’s Health Issues


I hate it when an organization, any organization whether it be religious or other wise tells me that I can’t do something for my own personal health and well being. Take for instance Birth Control which has been in the news lately. I like the new health care law yes it needs tweaks, here and there  but what law doesn’t.  I like the fact that no employer can tell me no I can’t have birth control because it is morally wrong. Because it is my right to plan my own family and to make sure I don’t have a surprise child I can’t support.

If congress has their way so many things will happen I mean think about it what is morally against your beliefs. Would you say tell a smoker he can’t have health care for his cancer he now has from smoking because you never smoked a day in your life or a alcoholic that he can’t get medical treatment for his alcoholism. I know I wouldn’t but I am just that sort of person. I think the medical care should be free to everyone. I think Contraception should be free to all Women they don’t have to use it if they don’t want to but in the same breath no one should tell me I don’t have a right to it. I would rather women had access to Birth Control and Emergency Contraception than have an actual abortion. What about those women that are on contraception that would be affected by this MORAL RELIGIOUS MANDATE I think they would have had abortions rather than have that surprise child. Not that I am against abortion,  I personally wouldn’t do it unless medically necessary, but I think its not my right to choose what other women do. They must choose what is right for them.  Yet if Birth control prevents unwanted pregnancies from happening I am ALL for it it. Better than using abortion like birth control.

Gardening In February

I know I haven’t been keeping up with the gardening but I have to tell you I haven’t really done much and really should do more.  So I am trying my best to get into the spring of things.  In January I put up my 1st green house which isn’t much I bought it at Atwoods in Claremore. It is one of those little cheap $100 Push together pole  and throw over the plastic sewn cover walk in types. Which I don’t think I would buy again. May not last very long one of the pieces already is broke and another is weak because of a hole in it that isn’t supposed to be there but I though I will fill it in with putty or something, it still had to be put someplace not load bearing. So far haven’t put any seeds in it too cold not enough heat at night for the seedlings to survive.  It also needs a fan put in it. Have been filling containers of water to place in there to conserve heat  and moved my potting soil and other tools inside so that I can get to them I think I will put a container in it to hold all my stuff that isn’t plants.

I started to go into the garden and fill in many beds. There was a bed I was going to use for a cold frame well I  wasn’t able to finish it due to the fact that I didn’t have everything I needed on hand and the car kept breaking down so all the money went to that last fall. I think that next year I am going to try something that will make it a bit easier to handle using 4 bales of hay that I can move around to fit the windows I have.  Also build a frame for those windows so that I can place one or more of those openers for greenhouses in it to let out the heat during the hotter days.

I went through all my seeds. Cataloging what I have and writing down my wants and needs.  So here soon I am going to start the seed flats for the seedlings.

I have also started pulling everything off my compost pile to get at all the rich material underneath to put in my beds. Also last year we found a person whom had so many bags of leaves I though I was in heaven and I am placing those on top of the bed to bring in my lovely beneficials such as worms, and fungus and bacterial that will make the soil healthy.  This may also help with some of the pests and it may not. I had such a problem last year with these little yellow and black beetles I just wanted to throw my hands up at everything. I actually had to bring in an organic based pesticide to kill them off they where eating everything from my tomatoes to the peppers, potatoes and other vegetable and even the marigold they wouldn’t touch the onions and I thought I had a way to combat them but no they just kept eating.  I had them in such numbers that I was stepping on them and they decimated several plants that I had to pull out after trying hard to save them.  Also did you know that the humming bird moth is actually the dreaded tomato horn worm Caterpillar . Such beautiful creatures and good pollinators to destroy a plant I  want to eat. Having to go out there everymorning to find these things and pluck them off and kill them. I think this year I am going with a bacteria BT to be exact to get rid of them.

But I am going to keep everyone more informed about my garden. So watch for future posts and pictures.

Happy Valentines!!!

So many people I work with do not acknowledge the day of love. Why? I wonder.  It is a day to celebrate the people we love, the pets we love, and the things we love. I know it have become very commercialized with all the red and pink hearts, Teddy bears and such. But is still a day in which love can be said to be in the air. It is sill a day that people can do things for there loved one and enjoy they day with them.

If you truly love the people you want to get gifts for make sure you know what they really want. Don’t get the generic flowers and card with chocolates not everyone likes these things. Perhaps make breakfast or make their favorite item for dinner. Get them something they can truely appreciate and use. I always tell my husband that it useless to get cut flowers that I can only enjoy for a week before they wilt and lose that fresh look. I would rather have a living plant such as a rose or flower to plant in my garden and enjoy it all year long and everytime I look at that rose or flower I think of him and how much I love him. Just remember this a day to celebrate love for those you love.

The origin of Valentines day has many supposed reasons. But it is said to be a christian Saint Valentine’s Day turned into a day of love. Many believe it was to put on the 14th of February to replace the pagan Roman fertility Festival of Lupercalia  celebrated February 15th.

Someplaces to visit if you want to learn more.

Rosebuds Journey– A Story told from a cats point of view.

It was a warm day for December. I was lying in my cage along one side of the wall. Looking around at nothing in particular but feeling miserable. Then I heard humans in the area where they kept the dogs. Come in here I said to myself I need your help. And to my surprise they came in through the door. I perked up a bit feeling as bad as I was. I didn’t want to move around much.
“Aw honey look at all the cats. I really want a cat.” said the Woman. She was short compared to my keeper and The man with light brown hair, medium beige skin, green eyes that hid behind glasses and plump wearing jeans and a green shirt and grey sweater.
“Make sure that it is short haired and not a kitten Elizabeth.”said the man. He looked over at her lovingly his light blue eyes calm. The man started to look around as he did I noticed that he was taller than my keeper with a golden brown hair and hair all over his body not like mine but still a lot for a human.

“Which one is the calmest one?”asked Elizabeth looking back at my keeper.

“Well!” Said my keeper. “This one is.” Getting me out of my cage and handing me to Elizabeth.

“Ah yes so calm aren’t you.” She noticed.

I purred as she stroked my head it was rather soothing. She looked around all the while holding me.

“Steven look at this little one. Isn’t he adorable” Elizabeth pointed to a little black kitten. I needed to get her attention so I reached out with my paw to grab the cage with the kitten and then I sniffed. Oh what is that they are giving the kitten to eat it smells good. So I reached out with my other paw.
“oh no you don’t.” Elizabeth said pulling back from the cage.” That food is not for you.”
The keeper took me back and put me in a cage.
“I think we will take that little calico.” Elizabeth stated. “What do you think?” She looked over at Steven.
“Yes she might fit in. Is she good with children.” asked Steven.
“Yes she is always the one we take out when they come in.” Always calm and allows them all to pet her. ” If she doesn’t get adopted in a few days there was a little place that houses cats that was going to take her and see if they can find a family to adopt her.”

“When can we get her fixed.” Elizabeth asked.

As they where walking out the door I wondered if that was what was going to make me feel better. I couldn’t hear anything else, but no more that a few naps later the keeper was coming in and giving me shots. ‘
“MEOW!” I said. That hurt. But I was hoping that was going to make me feel better. She then proceeded to put me in a crate. I was going some where. I came out of the room I had been living in for many weeks.

“Meow!!” Where are we going. I laid down and swayed with the crate. “Meom” Please tell me where we are going.

“Oh there is the pretty girl.” Elizabeth said,” Your coming home with us.”

I am perhaps they will make me feel better. We got to the place they called home it wasn’t big but I was able to find hiding places fairly easily so I could watch them. The smells where so different. I hid until someone found me.

“Okay kitty time to meet the rest of the family.” The younger man said.

“Miles you found her.” Elizabeth stated.

“Yep hiding in in the book case in my room.” he said.

“Salena meet our new kitty.” Elizabeth Said bring me closer to this kitten.
The kitten came closer and petted me between the ears.
“Whats her name?” Salena Asked.
“She doesn’t have a name yet.”Answered Elizabeth.
“I want everyone to think of a name.”
All the while I was being petted. It felt nice. But I was still a little scared. As soon as they let me go I went back to my hide out in the book case. I went out when the house became quiet the smells where new but I liked this family.

I was there three days still feeling horrible but a little better to have people looking after me, petting me, feeding me the food I like and named me a pretty name. But today they took me and put me back in the crate to go somewhere. All the while I wondered where. When we got there I smelled other animals like the place I living. Oh no there giving me up. I thought we had such a good thing going.Wait what are these new people doing. “Okay Rosebud time to sleep for a little while your getting spayed today.” She stuck me with a needle and then I started feeling tired.

Later that day I woke up groggy and feeling lousy but not horrible. I decided I was going to go right back to sleep and sleep it all off.

The next day Elizabeth came and got me.
“Your sure she is going to be okay.” She asked.
“Yes.” Assured another woman. “Just make sure she takes her pills until they are all gone.” What pills are they talking about all I know is that I still feel tired but at least I feel better. The pain is manageable now.
“Okay.” And we left. “Your going to feel better now Rosebud.”
It took several days of laying around, but I did feel much better. Some much so that when I saw the feathers and string swinging around on this stick I attacked it and went after it I caught it many times but it always seemed to get away. “There you go my little rosebud.” She put the stick somewhere I could entice me and I couldn’t resist it I attacked it until I collapsed on my side on my blanket.

Update on Book of Shadows

Okay, I am here to update you as to what has happened with my book of shadows. I have many pages done and and figured out how to print them on my printer so that I can do a book format. But feel I haven’t really worked on much just mostly templates for journals, gardening, addresses, to do. I didn’t realize that could be so time consuming. I made a few pages for actual my Belief in Wicca. Life though tends to get in the way and as usually throws a curve ball at us. Its that time of the year to get things done such as planting seeds that can survive this time of year and cleaning the garden if you haven’t done so already (I tend to be a procrastinator really a bad habit I am trying to break myself of). But it is getting done Slowly but surely.

Buncombe Board of Ed debate Pagans vs Bible Thumpers.

I know I said it Bible Thumpers those that have closed their minds off and have become fearful and full of hate for something so different as being Pagan. Angela Pippinger and several others went to a Board of Education Meeting to debate on friendly terms religious activities on the school grounds. Now several had very constructive things to say. And you can read about those from the Pagan Mom live-tweets news page. You can also read what lead up to this debate Patti Wigington Bibles Made Available at NC School, schools examine Religious policy, Fear and Loathing in Buncombe County., and here by Mrs. Pippinger herself.

Yet I have to say that for people to lose control and allow anger and fear to ride them is unreasonable and not very Jesus like at all from what I read in the Bible. I pray to the Goddess and God that people open their Minds, Hearts, Souls to the possibility that people have rights to believe what they want as long as it doesn’t infringe on what others believe. I always say to each his own. Why is it that people want to have others see their way instead of accepting and letting others live without fear of persecution.

Why is it that I feel most days like we are outsiders? I keep an open mind I am wholeheartedly American. I believe in our freedoms Why don’t other Americans. Our Constitution may have been created by our founding Fathers whom were Christian, But they were also the ones to decide that Religion had no place in Government.

SO I SAY allow no Hate to interfere, allow no ignorance to rule, allow everyone the rights to be free to worship the way they want to but leave it out of public School.

Imbolic– Happy Midwinter

February 2nd
Imbolic is one of the four fire Festivals. It is also know as Candlemas (Christian influence) and Imbolg, Brid’s Day, Oimelc, Bride’s Day, and so many other names. Imbolic is celebrated midway between winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

This is a festival of Young women and Men. This is where we all recognize the cyclic change of the crone to the maiden from the winter to the spring. Using the signs of Spring, the greening of the grass, the flowering of the early spring flowering plants such as the crocus and snow drops. In places where snow is still on the ground and not much spring is to be had this is a perfect time for a festival of warmth, love and light. When the Goddesses womb stirs and the earth begins to wake.
Imbolic literally means “in the belly”. Mother Earth’s stirring of spring with all her hidden magnificence such as the seeds to come and the quickening of the earliest when the ground has grown warmer.

Most people attribute this day to Bride(BREED),but you could easily say that this is the day of Vesta. Yet I believe this is only some of the many forms of the Goddess.

This is a time of cleansing for the spring. A time to prepare for new growth and renewal. Home fires are put out and the Hearth cleansed and relit. Candles are placed around the home and lit to honor the return of the sun. A besom (broom) is used to sweep away the cobwebs and dirt of the home and the set by the front door to welcome the new of spring.

Symbolism of Imbolic:
Growth and renewal, Purity, Virginity, dispensing of the old and making way for the new

Symbols of Imbolic:
Besoms, Candle Wheels, White flowers, fire, plow, acorn wands

Herbs of Imbolic:
All white or yellow flowers, Angelica, Basil, Bay, Celandine, Coltsfoot, Heather, Iris, Tansy, Violets, Blackberry, Myrrh

Foods of Imbolic:
Herbal teas, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Poppy seed cakes, Muffins, Scones and Bread, all Dairy Products, Peppers, Onions, Garlic, Raisins, and Spiced Wines

Basil, Bay, Wisteria, Cinnamon, Violet, Vanilla, Myrrh

White, Pink, Red, Yellow, Lt. Green, Brown

Amethyst, Bloodstone, Garnet, Ruby, Onyx, Turquoise

Candle lighting, stone gathering, searching for signs of spring, making priapic wands, feasting, bon fires, making corn maidens from corn and wheat, and spring cleaning.

Please don’t pick any parts from plants today.

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