The Circus

This last Thursday my family and I went to the circus I had been to a circus before and thought it would be entertaining for my whole family. Well my son decided he didn’t want to go so we didn’t make him although I still feel as if we left him out. We got there and paid for our tickets and since we were early noticed they had set up animal rides. So we set out to see how much it cost and bought a elephant ride for our daughter Salena. She went around twice and petted the elephants head my husband noticed that the elephant look rather bored and sad I had to agree that she did indeed looked bored. Anyway she got down and we went around to the seat via the concessions on the way there our daughter asked if she could get a light up sword and of course we did but told her we could not afford to buy much more. Then we took our sets. It seems like it took awhile for the show to start but we did arrive rather early. Once the show started we got to see a cat trainer and his Bengal Tigers some Yellow some white about ten in all. Some large some small and they all had their tricks and they all wanted to play with the trainers stick that he put meat. It was neat.
Then we heard the roar of an engine and then on a tight rope a motor cycle moved up it attached to it was this metal trapeze with two women. The women preformed many different tricks some upside down splits, one where one women twirled hanging from the back of her neck and head, Some of the trick where really aw inspiring while others not so much.
From there we saw a clown act which was quite the comedy he used stuffed animals at the end one stuffed animal was actually a dog dressed as an elephant and not a wind up toy. My husband and I agreed that was one smart dog to be able to pull off everything it did.
We saw an elephant act with 3 elephants sitting and stomping around their circle do a variety of tricks with each other. Another act of rope tricks with women doing so aerial acrobatics on ropes and still another act with cloth and trapezes. The night was full of wonder.

But I do have to say that it was the most commercialized circus that I have ever been too. Between acts they constantly pushed the vendors selling the various toys, cotton candy, popcorn and drinks. During the intermission there where the rides, and after intermission was the coloring books. All in all, I can say we had fun but at the same time felt like we spent way too much money and I felt as if I was constantly under attack to buy things for my child that she really didn’t need that she wanted just because everyone else was getting it I had to say no way to much. I did break a couple of times to get cotton candy and a water.

Some times I just want to have fun with out spending an arm and a leg. We had fun and I wished we would have brought the camera just to capture those rare moments that were all together memorable.


Book of Shadows — Ideas

So here are my Ideas.. Not only is my BOS(short for Book of Shadows) going to have all my beliefs so a usual Wiccan book with holidays, Wiccan Calender for several years, what the Goddess and God are, my Daily Religious practices, Poems, Alter, Herbs for Garden and Health, What Karma is, How I practice, a Magick or Science page (I think of magick as unexplained science), Balance in life, How we were created, Statement of Belief, of course the Wiccan Rede, Pagan Stories many of which I really like such as Pooka pages for my children and their children, Pagan Art mine and others whom have touched my heart(this is going to be hard though Like I said I don’t have much money and all deserve a monetary payment for their contribution),Ritual,Sabbats, about the moon, Casting a circle, the elements, Sacred trees, Signs of the Zodiac, Colors and meaning, Symbols and the alphabets, Planets,the pentagram, Runes, Charkras, Acupressure/ Acupuncture points, The elements, Tools of the craft,Meditations, Dreams, Why I became Wiccan.
But it is also going to be my Journal, Gardening Journal, Knitting Journal, Idea Journal, I am going to put photos of my Children and Family though out the year, Its going to have an area for a Family Tree which I have been working on little by little (it is hard to work on this with so little money and when you have a huge family), I was going to put recipes that we have eaten and loved over the many years.
This is all because I wished I had a book from my grandmother. I mean I have photo graphs and a few things but what do I have that actually represents her and her personality.
So do any of you out there have ideas for me to add to my BOS. Please tell me. Because I am going to start making pages here soon and some will be published here on my Blog.

Book of Shadow– I am making one.

Okay So I have decided to make a book of Shadows or a journal finally after all these years. I have this overwhelming feeling to document the things that my children should now about me. Over the last four weeks I have been making some templates, Drawing and Ideas. I have made up my mind to put it all on computer so that I can print off many different copies and give it to family whom I deem will not throw it away or so that I can give them the information I think they will appreciate. Not all my family is Pagan some are Christian and some don’t believe in God at all. I hope though that my Children will keep my Full Journal and Hope that one day I will actually Have it placed in book form with all embarrassing detail.

Starting out the new Year with new stuff

Okay so I am getting rid of everything from last year and moving on to new pages and posts. I hope you enjoy.
The Green Wiccan